The TruGlide is an easy to use guitar tuning stabilizer that guides the strings straight through the nut of the classic 3 by 3 head stock. No permanent mounting required. The 4 center strings go through the smooth curved grooves on the bottom of the TruGlide and keep it in place.

There are countless beloved guitars that don’t get played for one simple reason, they will not stay in tune.  We are proud to offer this easy fix that will bring neglected instruments out of their cases and make good guitars tune up even better. 

TruGlide guitar tuning stabilizer

The main issue with the 3 by 3 headstock is the four center strings pull sideways at the back of the nut.   This causes the friction from the side pull and down pull to combine in at the nut. At its worst, the string binds then suddenly slips causing the infamous “ping” during tuning and even worse during bends.  The TruGlide lets the nut do its job supporting the bottom of the string and then gently guides the strings to the tuners using a low friction curved surface.  The strings no longer move randomly and return to pitch even when bending to the sky. 

But my guitar doesn’t have a problem!

Players will also notice some other very cool benefits after installing the TruGlide on guitars with no perceived issues. The first is the strings will tune up more accurately. The TruGlide makes the center tuners become more precise. It is really nice having the g string tune up so accurate and fast.

Another benefit, especially on acoustics, is the ringing strings above the nut no longer need dampened. The string geometry above the nut is modified which makes the shorter string sections harder to excite and add undesirable overtones.  Do away with the hair scrunchies and get more accurate tuning with a TruGlide. 

TruGlide Top down View db Instrumentamp

With all the nice things that the TruGlide can do it’s hard to see players not finding a use for it. Whether it’s giving a tuning troublemaker guitar a new lease on life or precision tuning an old workhorse. Chances are the TruGlide will do something positive for your guitar.

Where to get it

The TruGlide is available here direct from the maker for $19.95 for Plain Brass, $21.95 for Bright Nickel, and $22.95 for Smoked Nickel plus shipping.
International shipping as low as $8.99 and domestic $3.99.

UK Customers must use Reverb Store to handle VAT. UK Customer Click Here.

TruGlide-Bright Nickel, Natural Brass, and Smoked Nickel

Natural Brass $19.95

Bright Nickel $21.95

Smoked Nickel $22.95

Please include a phone number for international shipping when the purchase is complete.


What size is it?

The TruGlide is 2.125 X 0.25″ or 54mm long 6.35mm diameter.

How To Install

  1. Start with a set of new strings that have never been installed. Install like normal just leave them loose.
  2. With the TruGlide just above the E tuning post, place the TruGlide slots over the “A” and “D” strings.
  3. Hold the TruGlide in place and pull the other two strings, “G” and “B” into their slots.
  4. Ensure the TruGlide slot is down flat to the strings. Tune all strings evenly to keep the TruGlide near the center of the strings. The TruGlide should move down to the tuners. If not go ahead and slide the TruGlide down to the tuners.

Uncle Ben has an awesome video about the Les Paul with the TruGlide installed.

Check out the video below with Tim Pierce talking guitar amp origin stories and using the TruGlide.