Easy Expression Converter

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I plan to add detailed instruction on how to make your own EEC. If you have an insert cable you can do one of two things. Add a 47k resistor on the output jack of your volume pedal, or add that resistor to the output plug on the insert cable.

Easy Expression Converter makes volume pedals work like expression pedals

Make your volume pedal work like an expression pedal.  Have you ever used a volume pedal for expression and didn’t like the way it worked? Looking for an expression pedal and would rather use a well built volume pedal? The Easy Expression Converter can make a volume pedal act like a real expression pedal. Simply put two plugs in the volume pedal, one plug in the expression jack and you’re rollin’.

Most volume pedals have high resistance potentiometers with log tapers. When used for expression the effect can act funny going from heel to toe. First there is little change for a large pedal angle change. Then there a huge change for a small amount of pedal angle. And then a big dead space at the max value. The Easy Expression Converter can make the signal more even and give the full range of pedal motion.

In the video below we use the Ernie Ball VP Jr. 250k Volume pedal with a tc electronics Nova System. By using a “Y” adapter connected to the Nova System there is still unused pedal motion and sudden value changes. With the Easy Expression Converter the full range of motion is realized and the values change evenly.

So, if you have a good volume pedal and want to make it a great expression pedal, the Easy Expression Converter can help.


G-System user:
“Mine just arrived in the mail, and they really do deliver as advertised. I was very unimpressed with the wah performance on my g-system before, but I am totally in love with it now.”
11 Rack user:
“Did a studio recording the week I got it. Great idea, fast personable service, and worked without a hitch.”

Will this work for me?

Scroll down to the bottom for a list of some verified pedals and effects. Also check the list for what is know to be incompatable.

The Easy Expression Converter transforms high impedance volume pedals into 50k tip positive expression pedals. There are two types of volume pedals, High and Low impedance. High is a resistance of 250k and above. Low is 25k. The Easy Expression Converter works on high impedance pedals. Your effects unit must be able to use a 50k tip positive expression pedal. If you tried to use a high impedance pedal for expression and it has a dead spot near toe down or weird response, then the Easy Expression Converter should help.

Consult your volume pedal manufacturer to be sure of the type pedal you have. Also, consult your effects unit manufacturer/manual to see if 50k will work.

The Easy Expression Converter DOES NOT work on Line 6 FX units. They require 10k exactly.

Also note that most Roctron effects and controllers are ring positive and can’t be controlled with the Easy Expression Converter.

It might work on the Axe Fx with the volume pedals below, but will not make it exactly linear. Some people have loved it and some see no difference.


The Easy Expression Converter is 6.5 feet or 2 meters long. The cable can bundle up tightly for short runs. The plugs are straight 1/4″. If angled connectors are needed we recommend the Hosa GPP-151.


The TRS plug goes in your effect unit. The plugs labeled “INPUT” and “OUTPUT” go to those jacks on your volume pedal. Your done!

Where can I get one

The Easy Expression Converter is only available here. Direct from the source. Click the “Add to Cart” button below and you will go to the PayPal order page. A PayPal account is not required to order and you can use a credit or debit card. Once you start the order process you can change the quantity or country.

The price is Now $9.95 plus shipping.

We ship worldwide via USPS. A single EEC shipped in the US is only $3.50 and International as little as $ 7.95.

Sold Out!

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Verified Volume Pedal List

Ernie Ball – 6180 / 6166 / 6168

Visual Sound – Visual volume in passive mode

Dunlop – DVP1

Boss – FV-50H / FV-500H

Verified Effect List

Fractal Audio – All Units – Will give the full range of motion just not perfectly linear. The sweep mod can be used to make it more linear.

tc electronics – Nova System / G-System / G-Major

Digidesign – 11 Rack

Eventide – H9 / Timefactor / Pitchfactor / Eclipse

Strymon – El Capistan

Melleko – Echo

Pigtronix – EP-1 / Echolution

Electroharmonix – Deluxe Memory Boy

Incompatible Effect List

Rocktron – The polarity is reversed.

Line 6 – Some of their units require 10k exact variable resistor.

Any device that does not take a TRS type plug is a variable resistor and will not help.

SIR Delay.

Analogman Delay – Doesn’t seem to make a difference.

tc electronics- Alter Ego/X4 these will act pretty weird and need really close to exactly 25k.

* Ernie Ball and VP Jr. are trademarks for Ernie Ball; tc electronics and Nova System are trademarks of tc electronics. AxeFX and 11 Rack are trademarks of their respective owners. All the rest are property of their owners.