ToneBra by LA Custom Electric

ToneBra by LA Custom Electric
De-Sizzle your Tone with the ToneBra by LA Custom Electric

Ever been told your sound is piercing?

The ToneBra can help. The ToneBra is one of the simplest upgrades you will make to you tone. By mounting this device in your speaker cabinet, the harshness from the center of the speaker will be eliminated and your tone will be more even across the front of your speaker. If your speakers need some high frequency attenuating, the ToneBra absolutely works.

Price is $19.95 NOW $13.99 plus shipping. For OEM’s, Retailers, and those needing more than what’s shown please contact us on our contacts page. The ToneBra button below is for 12″ speakers only.   10″ is not available.

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For OEM cabinet makers and more than the qty shown please contact us using out contact page.

Here is an interview with Frank by Premier Guitar at the 2009 NY Amp Show

For Installation Instructions click here – ToneBra Install