M440SE Stereo Expression Pedal Version 1

 M440 Stereo Expression Pedal

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The M440SE is a dual axis expression and volume pedal.  The two axes can be used for panning, volume, and/or expression.  The left/right motion will pan the instrument signal while up/down motion controls the overall volume.  In addition, both axes have dedicated jacks for expression control.  

With all the flexibility built into the M440SE, there are many ways to use it.  You could mix two input channels of an amp.  With that same capability, you could mix two entirely different amplifiers for a composite signal.  As an expression pedal, effect parameters can be assigned to one or both axes.  This can eliminate the need for more than one pedal and free up some pedal board real estate.  And, if you change your rig, which never happens, the M440SE is flexible enough to do what you need in the future.  It even works as a standard volume pedal.


The video below shows left/right gain control and up/down volume control.




- Pan between two channels or amplifiers with volume control

- Simultaneous Volume/Pan and Expression control

- Two axis expression control for new effect creation

- Saves space by having two pedals in one



- Heavy Duty steel and stainless steel construction

- 1 Million cycle to fail, dust and water spray sealed Mega Pots (Nema IP66).

- All passive components

- Ergonomic pedal motion, good at both standing and sitting

- High resistance audio potentiometers



The M440's are built in small batches and as such, there is usually a slight wait for delivery.  If you are interested in pre-ordering for the next run, please click here to get on the list.

If you are in Japan contact Hiroki at Sound Root.

Retail-$295.00    Now $269.00


Detailed Operation




Here are some different ways of using the M440SE Stereo Expression Pedal:


Volume Only -

At the heart of it all the M440 is a volume pedal.


Volume Only with L/R expression -

This works great for multi-effects units with only one expression pedal input.  The L/R motion can be assigned to the gain or other effects parameter(s), and the volume can still be controlled.


Volume and Pan -

This can be used to mix two amplifiers or two amplifier channels and control the overall volume.  L/R motion can pan between clean and dirty channels to give on the fly distortion control.


U/D Expression -

This works just like a normal passive expression pedal.


U/D Expression and L/R expression -

Combine expression on both axes for simultaneous effect modification.  A real space saver for the effects boards.


U/D Expression and Pan -

Overrides the volume for U/D expression control.  The signal from the input can still be panned with left to right motion.




WxLxH - 5.00" x 9.96" x 2.36".

Height and width are for the case. 

Left right rotation is 24 degrees.

Up down rotation is 20 degrees.

Weight is 4.69 lbs.

Up Down volume only potentiometer resistance 500k.

Panning potentiometer resistance 500k.

Up Down expression resistance is 50k linear.

Left Right expression is 50k linear.



Specifications are subject to change.