M440 Dual Axis Stereo Volume Pedal


The M440 is our dual axis panning and volume pedal. Up/Down is volume and Left/Right is panning. When a second input (IN R) is used the Up/Down can be used for expression. The dual panning can also be switched to dual volume.

Built on the same chassis as the new 4E the new M440 is even more ergonomic than it’s predecessor the M440SE. The new M440 is also a full pound lighter than the M440SE. The treble bleed panning and volume circuitry stayed the same to give one of the best passive panning sounds available.

Our multi-axis pedals have a significant advantage over all others. We started with ergonomics first. Using wooden models we tested multiple pivot points of both axes. If you look at all other multi-axis pedals you see the foot plate spins at the center. To operate a pedal like that you have to twist your entire leg at the hip. Our patented design rotates through the center of the leg. That means the foot rolls left to right naturally. This makes it feel right standing or sitting.

With all the flexibility of the M440, there are many ways to use it. You could mix two input channels of an amp or pan between two amplifiers. With the right setup you can blend two signal chains of effect pedals and control the master volume for on the fly effects and master volume level. See below for more information on connection scenarios.


  • Blending two amp channels with master volume control.
  • Two Inputs for Dual Volume or Panning with Expression.
  • Mix two pedal board signal chains with master volume.


  • Heavy Duty steel and aluminum construction.
  • 1 Million cycle to fail, dust and water spray sealed Mega Pots (Nema IP66).
  • All passive components.
  • Ergonomic pedal motion, good at both standing and sitting.
  • High resistance audio potentiometers keeps the signal from loading guitar signals.


The M440 is currently available.

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Retail-$305.00 Now $289.00





Here are some different ways of using the M440 Dual Axis Stereo Volume Pedal:

Volume and Pan –

This can be used to mix two amplifiers or two amplifier channels and control the overall volume. L/R motion can pan between clean and dirty channels to give on the fly distortion control.

U/D Expression and L/R Dual Panning –

Two inputs can be panned between the two outputs. The up and down controls expression on an effects unit.

U/D Expression and L/R Stereo Volume –

Both inputs are volume controlled to the two outputs. The up and down controls expression on an effects unit.


WxLxH – 4.80″ x 9.96″ x 3.00″.
Left right rotation is 20 degrees.
Up down rotation is 20 degrees.
Weight is 3 1/2 lbs.
Up Down volume only potentiometer resistance 500k.
Panning potentiometer resistance 500k.
Up Down expression resistance is 50k linear.

Specifications are subject to change.